Browser extension

by [redacted]

A browser extension commissioned to scrape data from Hardware Inventory System A, query Hardware Inventory System B with that data, and inject the content from B back into the web interface for A.


  • Chrome (v45+)
  • Internet Explorer 10


  • Modular JavaScript with swappable adapters for platform-specific implementations
  • Polyfills for backporting ES6 features, such as Promises
  • Build system in GulpJS in order to streamline the following:
    • Minify and concatenate CSS
    • Minify and concatenate JavaScript
    • Swap in platform-specific implementations for use with shared code
    • Collect and structure Chrome extension artifacts into a ZIP archive, for easy upload to the Chrome Webstore
    • Collect and structure IE artifacts for deployment to internal CDN


  • A necessary CORS header was missing from the HTTP API response, making in-browser communication impossible without using a browser extension.