by Armada Football Club

Pipe data from Veritix ticketing system (via their XML API) into Salesforce for Business Intelligence analysis. Includes custom mapping of data across multiple Salesforce objects, atomic updates, and logging of successes and failures for later review.


  • Heroku / Dokku (docs written for both)
  • Ruby
  • OAuth2.0
  • SOQL (Salesforce)


  • Instructions for hosting on Heroku or Dokku
  • Real-time streaming of errors to Heroku / Dokku logging framework
  • Log entries summarizing successes and failures on each poll
  • Adapter pattern for pairing Salesforce with Veritix environments, using the exact same data transformations


  • OAuth2.0 refresh token workflow requires a separate web application for capturing an initial token
  • OAuth token eventually expires, so for long-running programs it needs to be refreshed periodically