Azure Pipelines Automation

by KAR Global

Manage 10s or 100s of release pipelines uniformly using a data pipeline approach (“mutators”). Testing for uniformity of release pipelines in the areas which matter, as defined by the user in the tests, by using PyTest.

Used during a migration of 93 discrete applications and libraries from Jenkins + (on-prem) VM deployment approach to use Azure Pipelines + (on-prem) Kubernetes. This ensured uniformity among all 93 applications while still allowing for unique patterns among a subset of applications.

Azure PipelinesCredit:


  • Azure DevOps Release Pipelines
  • Python 3.8
  • PyTest


  • Mutators make surgical changes to each pipeline passed, getting latest copy at start and uploading changed copy at the end
  • Tests include business-specific requirements including, but not limited to:
    • Who is permitted to approve deployment to a given environment
    • Order in which to promote the build artifact to each environment
    • Details of each task in deploying to each environment (for uniformity)
  • Library of helper functions to make tests more readable (e.g., is_bash_task() compares GUID of task object with known GUID for Bash task)


  • Opaque or incomplete API documentatation, relying on the official Python SDK to fill in the gaps
  • Reverse engineering undocumented (public) APIs for Secure Files interactivity